The Number Of Calories In Avocado

A mild tasting fruit that grows well all year round in different areas around the world is the avocado. The most common settings where it is found are Hawaii, California and Florida and people looking will discover them in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. The avocado is characterized by a creamy pale green flesh that has an almost buttery taste and a leathery skin.

Avocados the same as other fruits do contain a measurable number of calories. Compared to other fruits the number of calories in avocado are relatively high. It should be noted however that the sort of fat contained in this fruit is really quite healthy and in fact very important for every individuals health.

Nutritional Value – Avocados are in fact known to be high in calories and fatty. This does not mean however that anyone should make any effort to shy away from these fruits. Avocados contain abundant minerals and vitamins. They have fiber, vitamins and mono-saturated fatty acids all together.

Those people interested in improving their diet and bringing it to a healthy level should start eating avocados right away as they do a great job helping the body to absorb carotenoids and these have a valuable antioxidant effect. Numerous studies have also revealed that the acids contained in avocados are very beneficial in assisting the body in lowering the blood’s cholesterol level.

Calories In Avocado – Just How Many Are There? – The calorie count contained in the avocado is varied due to the different sizes and types there are. The Hass variety is the most common type that is found in America. About 153 calories are contained in an average serving of one half an avocado. There will be about 306 calories in the medium sizes and 322 calories in the larger sorts. This breaks down to 234 calories for every 146 grams of avocados. These numbers equate to about one cup of avocados which have been sliced. It goes without saying that the larger the fruit is the more calories it will contain.

The amount of calories that are ingested also changes since the avocado can be taken in sandwiches, spring rolls and other various recipes. As an example, there will be 367 calories in a cup of Guacamole. The amount of mono-saturated fat a person takes in will also determine the amount of calories in avocado they consume. Avocados are most likely the sole fruits with the largest content of calories. It is also very important to note that an avocado that is considered to be standard size will contain twenty times worth of energy as opposed to what a peach or apple might provide the human body.

There is no question that avocados are a great addition to any dietary plan and are certainly quite nutritious. They make a person feel satisfied and full and greatly help reduce the desire for food. It has also been often suggested that they contain an anti-aging property that is of value in helping to keep wrinkles away.

In addition to the calories the avocados contain they also contain many minerals necessary for good health such as potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium. The bottom line is that avocados are certainly well worth adding to the diet and consuming but of course as with everything caution should be exercised in exactly how much one consumes.