How Calories In A Peach Vary

Fresh peaches have a sweet taste and aroma. This delicious fruit is used in numerous desserts and can also be eaten fresh without any added ingredients. There are many different varieties of peaches, and they grow all over the world. Peaches have either yellow or white flesh. During the summer, fresh peaches are readily available. They have fuzzy skin and are fleshy.

Peaches are technically drupes. They carry many of the same features found in nectarines, plums and almonds, which all belong to the prunus persica genus. Peaches are a favorite food among dieters due to the fact that the number of calories in a peach is low.

Nutritional Value Of Peaches

Not only do peaches taste delicious, they also contain many valuable nutrients. Peaches do not contain sodium or cholesterol, neither of which are very healthy for human bodies. Instead, peaches contain high amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin C and potassium.

Number Of Calories In A Peach:

Small peaches (2 1/4 inches in diameter) are 31 calories.

Medium peaches (2 1/ inches in diameter) are 38 calories.

Large peaches (2 3/4 inches in diameter) are 61 to 68 calories.

Extra-large peaches (3 inches in diameter) are 87 calories.

The nutrients in fresh peaches are highly concentrated. If you happen to prefer canned peaches, we have number of calories for that as well.

Number Of Calories In Canned Peaches:

250 grams is 136 calories.

125 grams is 68 calories.

100 grams is 53 calories

30 grams is 15 calorie.

Number Of Calories In Peaches Canned With Juice Or Other Liquids:

245 grams is 109 calories.

100 grams is 43 calories.

30 grams is 12 calories.

Sweetened, frozen and diced peaches all have high calorie counts compared to canned peaches. One hundred grams of diced peaches are about 70 calories, and 250 grams of sweetened or sliced peaches are approximately 235 calories. The number of calories in a peach goes down when peaches are unsweetened or frozen.

If you are looking for ideas for snacks to eat in between your meals, a healthy and tasty choice would be fresh fruit. It is a much better choice than processed foods, which are not very healthy and can cause you to gain weight due to the excessive amount of calories. If you snack on fresh peaches, on the other hand, your body will be provided with several antioxidants and a minimum of ten different vitamins.

Peaches usually are low in saturated fats and calories. At the same time, they are loaded with many different healthy nutrients. Antioxidants are one of the most valuable health benefits contained in peaches. Another valuable nutrient in peaches is vitamin C, which helps to keep your body’s immune system resistant to infections and other diseases.

Minerals Found In Peaches

In addition to containing several essential vitamins, many valuable minerals are found in peaches as well. Without these minerals, the body would be unable to perform many normal functions. Fluoride, calcium, potassium and iron are some of the more important minerals found in peaches. Fluoride and calcium strengthen the bones, while potassium helps to keep one’s heart rate normal and body fluids regulated.

Peaches also contain some flavanoid antioxidants that are not present in many other fruits, including ß-cryptoxanthin and lutein. The calories in a peach do vary, so the best way to ensure you get the maximum nutritional benefits for the calories consumed is to eat fresh peaches.