How Many Calories In An Orange?

Why should we be concerned over the calories in an orange? After all, oranges are a fruit, and fruit is always good for us, right? The truth is that even the most nutritious foods have calories that must be counted. Knowing the number of calories in each food that is eaten lets the healthy dieter know how many more calories he or she can eat. When it comes to losing or maintaining weight, nothing matters more than calories.

Oranges are packed with vitamins, energy, and hydration, but so are many other foods and knowing the calories in an orange makes it easier for a dieter to make a choice between different fruits, or decide if they want to eat another one.

Nutrition and Calories in an Orange

 Five percent of those calories come from carbohydrates, and a whopping 13 percent comes from natural fiber.

As far as vitamins and minerals are concerned, an orange supplies over 100 percent of a person’s vitamin C needs for the day, 6 percent of vitamin A, 5 percent of the daily value for calcium, and 1 percent of the iron we need in a day.

Oranges are considered a top nutritious fruit for all healthy eaters and dieters. At only 62 calories, with high fiber, and all the vitamin C a person needs in a day, a water-filled and flavor-packed orange is a low-calorie way to get energy and vitamins. Two oranges in day provides a person with a fair amount of nutrition without a lot of calories. The amount of calories in an orange is good to know, but as with any fruit or vegetable, when it comes to orange juice, fresh is always best and it is important to be careful of how much juice you drink. One cup (8 ounces)or orange juice is considered one serving.

Of course, any food energy a person consumes should be used for energy and those who are trying to lose weight, get fit, or maintain their health and weight need to be mindful of that, as well. It takes about 3/4 of a mile of walking to burn off the calories in an orange. A 10 minute jog will burn more calories. All of us should be exercising for at least fifteen minutes, three days a week, but those on a weight loss program should shoot for a minimum of half an hour a day, five days a week.

One Medium-Size Orange Has About 62 Calories.

Being active and eating healthy, low-calorie foods is the best way to lose weight, get fit, and stay fit. Fortunately, some of the most delicious foods on a healthy menu are also the lowest in calories, and the calories in an orange fit well with a good diet and weight loss plan. One orange has few calories, lots of fiber, and the recommended daily value of all the vitamin C a person needs, but when a person does not have an orange around, a glass of pure, fresh, orange juice is the next best thing.

It may seem trivial to be concerned with the calories in an orange, but it is good to know the nutrition information in all of the foods we eat!