The Amount Of Calories In A Banana

Nutritional Content In Each Serving – Bananas are simply filled with the natural goodness of fiber, vitamins and potassium. In addition one will also have access to natural servings carbohydrates, sugar, healthy fat, vitamin C and healthy doses of important minerals. Bananas also contain proteins, fluoride, magnesium, fructose and sodium.

And although it is a revelation to some people, bananas contain no cholesterol and actually help to balance any high levels of cholesterol that are in the body. Among the other special benefits bananas offer are helping to promote bone health, being a great help in weight loss efforts and even be of great assistance in helping to prevent cancer.

Still another great benefit bananas offer is their ability to help defeat ulcers due to this super fruit’s presence of bacteria eliminators. They do a great job reducing acidity levels and help foster ulcer reduction in the long term. Still another great benefit is that this wonderful fruit is also anti-Anemia. Those patients suffering from Anemia must make every effort to include the banana as a part of their daily diet.

Bananas will also help a person achieve a state of relaxation very quickly due to the conversion of serotonin they help the body to achieve. Those suffering from constipation will also benefit. And to the surprise of some that are dealing with the side effects of their efforts to give up smoking the banana offers great help dealing with nicotine withdrawal issues.

The Banana and How Many Calories In A Banana – Of course the answer to the question how many calories in a banana will depend upon the size of the particular banana. This will determine how many calories it contains. As a guide, a banana measuring about 6 inches and is approximately 81 grams will contain about 75 calories. This size would be considered in the extra small size banana category.

An extra small banana less than 6 inches has about 72 calories. A banana about 7 inches in length which would be considered small in size will have about 90 calories. Moving up to medium size which is about 8 inches there will be 105 calories in the banana. The banana of 8 to 9 inches or large size will have 120 calories and anything larger about 135 calories.

When it comes to desserts and sweets, bananas are a very popular flavoring due to the natural sugars they contain within. Different forms of bananas will have different calorie content as well. For instance, a bag of banana chips containing one hundred gram and which have been fried will feature 519 calories. By the same token one will find 237 calories in a slice of banana bread with one hundred grams.

A delightful and refreshing banana milkshake will have six hundred and ten calories in it and one hundred grams of a luscious banana split will be offering up a total count of one hundred sixty six calories in it.

It is something very smart for someone thinking of using the banana they are reaching for to include in some rich desert to take a moment and give a second thought to whether or not they might just want to peel it and enjoy it for what it is. When they give some thought to calories in a banana they may want to be a bit more selective in just how they use the banana.